The Future of Books is here: Import your books from Kindle & Nook
We believe the future of books is about you, the reader. And also about content creators, the authors and the publishers. To that end, we are the first platform to allow you to import your Amazon and Barnes & Noble books into one universal bookshelf. Once inside of BookShout!, readers and authors can unlock social sharing and discovery like never before. We think it's, well....pretty cool. And revolutionary.
And it's just the beginning. BookShout! is available on iOS, Android, and the web. Authors can build a following around books, readers can share and discover great new novels, brands can interact with readers, and publishers can have transparency, data, and special sales opportunities. But don't just take our word for it, sign up and try it for yourself.  
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  • Import Amazon and B&N books into one bookshelf
  • Share and discover new books
  • Invite friends and experience the new way to read
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  • Embrace powerful new sales channel
  • Receive data, analytics, and metrics on your books
  • New special sales, bulk digital sales, and institutional opportunities
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  • Create a following and interact with readers
  • Share and sell more books
  • Embrace new marketing & discoverability
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  • Create white-label groups and/or your site
  • Sell and promote books under your brand
  • Use promotional codes and other special sales opportunities
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