Engineering Models in High-Speed Penetration Mechanics and Their Applications
This two-volume, 1100 pages, 38 chapters book is a significantly expanded, revised and updated version of the monograph by the authors published in 2013 (Ben-Dor, G, Dubinsky, A, Elperin, T, 'High Speed Penetration Dynamics: Engineering Models and Methods,' Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company). The contents increased by 60%, the number of titles in bibliography doubled and reached 1600; and the scope covers a range of new topics related to hypervelocity penetration, along with high-speed impact.Presented material is structured into two parts. The first part includes description and analysis of practically all known engineering models for calculating high-speed penetration of projectiles into concrete, metals, geological shields, adobe, and gelatine.The second part focuses on the use of approximate models for solving conventional and non-standard problems of penetration mechanics including prediction and optimization of protective properties of monolithic and multi-layered shields against high-speed projectiles and space debris; shape optimization of high-speed projectiles penetrating into various media; modelling of penetration and optimal control of penetrators equipped with jet thrusters; and investigation of the efficiency and optimization of segmented projectiles. The book includes comprehensive overviews on basic classes of problems in high-speed penetration mechanics.This is a indispensable reference guide for scientists, engineers, and students specializing in the field of high-speed and hypervelocity penetration mechanics.Contents:PrefaceVolume 1: Engineering Models:Some Conventional Approaches to Penetration Modeling:Localized Interaction Models (LIMs)Cavity Expansion ApproximationsPenetration into Concrete Shields:Empirical ModelsAnalytical ModelsComparison between Models and Their Experimental ValidationPenetration into Metal Shields:Empirical ModelsAnalytical ModelsPenetration into Geological Shields:Empirical ModelsAnalytical ModelsPenetration into Some Other Media:Models for Penetration into Adobe ShieldsPenetration into Gelatin Engineering Models and ExperimentsSome Models for Hypervelocity Penetration:Hypervelocity Penetration of Balls into Metal ShieldsRicochet of Rods and BallsSome Special Inverse Problems:Theoretical Basis of the MethodApplication to Penetration MechanicsVolume 2: Applied Problems:Method of Basic Impactors for Prediction of Penetration and Perforation:Simplified Version of the MethodFull Version of the MethodShape Optimization of Projectiles:SurveyPenetration with Non-Constant FrictionSemi-Infinite Concrete ShieldsMetal Shields Having a Finite ThicknessFiber-Reinforced Plastic LaminatesHypervelocity Impact by Segmented Projectiles:Historical ReviewEffectiveness of Segmented Projectiles: Some Theoretical ResultsSegmented Impactors at High Speed Impact:High Speed Impact. Simplified Discrete ModelHigh Speed Impact. Generalized Discrete and Continuous ModelsModeling and Optimal Control of Impactors with Jet Thruster:Application of Two-Term Model of PenetrationApplication of the Modified Young ModelEffect of Order of Plates, Layering and Spacing on Protective Properties of Shields:SurveyEffect of Spacing for Non-Conical Projectiles: Numerical SimulationsEffect of Order of Plates for Non-Conical Projectiles. Numerical SimulationsEffect of Layering. Theoretical AnalysisOptimization of Multi-Layer ShieldsSome Optimization Problems for Inhomogeneous Non-Ductile Shields:Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Panels with Steel LinerOptimization of Two-Component Armor against Single and Repeated ImpactsOptimization of Two-Component Armor Having Several Ceramic LayersSome Optimization Problems for Hypervelocity Impact:Optimal Velocity PenetratorsOptimization of Dual- and Multi-Wall ShieldsAppendices:Some Properties of Convex/Concave Increasing Positive FunctionsSome Experimental Studies on Penetration into Concrete or Reinforced ConcreteSome Experimental Studies on Penetration into MetalsSome Experimental Studies on Penetration into Geological ShieldsBibliographyAuthor Index Readership: This is a reliable and indispensable reference guide for scientists, engineers, and students specializing in the field of high-speed and hypervelocity penetration mechanics. It will also be useful to experts including theoreticians, design engineers, and experimentalists. Perforation;Projectile;Penetrator; Ballistic Limit;Depth of Penetration;Protective Structure;Space Debris;Shape Optimization;Shield Optimization;Segmented Rod;FRP Laminate;Jet Thruster;Steel Liner;Combined Armor00
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